SkinVisual Med Spa is excited to announce that we are now offering AviClear ™, the first and only FDA-cleared laser device for the treatment of mild to severe acne. This new treatment significantly eliminates acne and delivers long-lasting results in just three 30-minute treatment sessions! With AviClear, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of traditional acne therapies.


What to expect on treatment days:

Your technician will:

  1. Clean your skin
  2. Capture before treatment photos
  3. Perform your AviClear treatment session, which lasts around 30 minutes
  4. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen
  5. Review your post-care instructions and recommendations

What does the treatment feel like?

The treatment is generally painless. You may notice a light snapping sensation on your skin.

What to expect after your treatment?

You may experience some mild redness, or swelling which can last could up two 2 days.
You may experience some acne flare ups but they should go away with time.
You should apply broad spectrum sunscreen daily and avoid direct sunlight throughout your treatment duration.

Would I be a good candidate for AviClear?

You may be an ideal candidate for AviClear if you are:

  1. Adolescent or older
  2. Suffering from mild, moderate or severe acne
  3. Searching for an safe, effective and drug-free alternative to traditional acne treatments


  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients undergoing treatment for skin cancer

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